About Us


ALGEBRAIX technology uniquely enables Ubiquitous Computing for the Enterprise: Devices and databases will be able to seamlessly communicate with each other and related infrastructure, and they will autonomously adapt to context and coordinating operations to provide increasingly better support for a wide variety of Enterprise work practices.

Semantic technology is revolutionizing data management. Major organizations of all types–Google, Wal Mart, IBM, Ford, Eli Lilly, the Department of Defense–are already use semantic computing on a massive scale. But what’s missing is a powerful semantic computing system for the rest of the world, one that is fast, easy, and affordable.

UBICOMPThe world is waiting for a super-fast, high-performance, commercially deployable semantic database–one that will run on commodity hardware in the cloud and power critical systems: linked enterprise data, linked open data, the “Internet of Everything,” semantic applications, and ubiquitous computing.

Core Product

Our patented, powerful, and blazingly fast SPARQL Server is a math-driven data engine with a semantic RDF front end. SPARQL Server is a high-performance RDF semantic database that is W3C-compliant. It will revolutionize W3CCompliantdata management for companies large and small and usher in the era of semantic applications, which has long been held back by low-performance databases.

Secret Sauce?

Devised by Algebraix’s team of mathematicians and engineers, our breakthrough data algebra enables SPARQL Server’s extraordinary speed and scalability. This patented technology uses algebraic expressions and set theory to scale to the vast challenges of Big Data. SPARQL Server delivers elegant query results and enables world-class business intelligence solutions.

Bragging Rights

SPARQL Server’s benchmarks are stunning: 100 to 1,000 times faster than competitors’ published performance.


Algebraix Data will soon launch SPARQL Server on established cloud providers and test major database management cases for high-profile strategic partners–enterprises that are intent on linking their data and gold mining the business intelligence inside it.

Tech Credentials

  • Automatic performance optimization
  • W3C compliant, adhering to the global semantic standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium and backed by all major technology companies
  • Remarkably fast load times and query responses
  • High efficiency and lower costs across the board


  • Raised over $30 million in capital
  • Built a world-class team of engineers and mathematicians
  • Obtained 9 broad U.S. patents
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