About Us

Our Vision

The mission of ALGEBRAIX technology is simple: to bring the power and speed of advanced analytics to the enterprise.

Graph analytics and graph databases are revolutionizing data management. Major organizations of all types – from Google and Walmart to Eli Lilly and the Department of Defense – already use graph analytics on a massive scale. But what’s missing is a powerful graph analytics system for the rest of the world: one that is easy to implement, affordable, runs in the cloud, and optimizes business intelligence (BI).

ALGEBRAIX has solved this cost/complexity problem by making graph analytics not only accessible to the enterprise but easy to implement. How? By delivering ALGEBRAIX Analytics as a service. It makes what was out of reach for the vast majority of enterprises now readily available: cloud-based graph analytics.

In essence, ALGEBRAIX does the heavy lifting, leveraging our deep graph expertise and patented math-based technology. The combination enables a step-by-step, non-disruptive implementation that makes the transition from relational to graph databases remarkably painless. We transform a copy of enterprise data into a secure cloud-based graph structure that enables conceptual analysis and reasoning. This takes a company’s current BI analytics to an entirely new level and provides business intelligence that actually optimizes decision-making, not just promises to.

Our Secret Sauce

ALGEBRAIX invested four years of intense R&D in creating a fundamental advance in the mathematics of data management. We call it Data Algebra. Early users call it the most important new data-management development since the advent of relational databases more than 40 years ago. Data Algebra is being widely recognized as a breakthrough in data integration and graph analytics. ALGEBRAIX, its developer, is the world-wide expert in applying it.

Devised by a team of mathematicians and engineers, our patented Data Algebra technologies use algebraic expressions and set theory to scale to the vast challenges of Big Data. Data Algebra enables the graph analytics required to produce world-class BI solutions for enterprises that are intent on extracting the knowledge hidden in their data – and gaining a major competitive edge.

The company currently holds nine broad U.S. patents on ALGEBRAIX Technology and expects to receive many more. In addition, ALGEBRAIX is developing a data-integration engine that is compliant with W3C international standards and has already been validated for extraordinarily high performance and scalability. The company has its business office in Encinitas, CA, and its R&D office in Austin, TX.


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