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We are The Data Algebra™ Company

Our book The Algebra of Data: A Foundation for the Data Economy – is an introduction to a genuine game changing technology concept. The book was co-written by Gary J. Sherman, PhD, the inventor of the Algebra of Data™ and founding mathematician of Algebraix Data, and Robin Bloor, PhD, also a mathematician as well as an influential researcher, analyst, and well-known author.

Information week and several other editorials have noted, “Data algebra is a new approach for managing, integrating, and searching data faster and more efficiently”. Download our E book to learn more.


Optimizing the Big Data Ecosystem for Data Science

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We’ve developed an entirely new way to apply advanced mathematics to data. It’s called the Algebra of Data™. And it’s a huge deal.

Early users consider it the most important new data-management development since the advent of relational databases more than 40 years ago.

An algebra-based technology can do things that nothing else can. Simply put, when data is turned into algebra, mathematics becomes the common language of data – a universal way to manage multiple data structures and instances.

Algebraix holds nine broad US patents on its technology and expects many more.