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We are The Data Algebra™ Company

Our book The Algebra of Data: A Foundation for the Data Economy – is an introduction to a genuine game changing technology concept. The book was co-written by Gary J. Sherman, PhD, the inventor of the Algebra of Data™ and founding mathematician of Algebraix Data, and Robin Bloor, PhD, also a mathematician as well as an influential researcher, analyst, and well-known author.

Information week and several other editorials have noted, “Data algebra is a new approach for managing, integrating, and searching data faster and more efficiently”. Download our E book to learn more.


Optimizing the Big Data Ecosystem for Data Science

Simple, Fast, Cost Effective

We’ve developed an entirely new way to apply advanced mathematics to data. It’s called the Algebra of Data™. And it’s a huge deal.

Early users consider it the most important new data-management development since the advent of relational databases more than 40 years ago.

An algebra-based technology can do things that nothing else can. Simply put, when data is turned into algebra, mathematics becomes the common language of data – a universal way to manage multiple data structures and instances.

Algebraix holds nine broad US patents on its technology and expects many more.



Data Science Services | Optimizing Spark for Big Data Analytics

Data Science Services.
Extracting actionable insights from your data.

If your analytics aren’t getting the job done, don’t even think about buying new software or enduring another painful implementation. Outsource your problems to us. You provide a copy of the relevant data and we do the rest, using our powerful technology platform and – yes! – our team of on-call data scientists to get it done right.

That’s not all. Algebraix Data Science services are the opposite of traditional installations. There are:

  • icon-cash-dolars No upfront costs
  • icon-pen No long-term contracts
  • icon-clock No disruptions to your IT infrastructure.

What if your needs change? Your modest month-to-month contract can be canceled at any time.

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