Forget DIY Analytics.
We Do the Heavy Lifting.

If your analytics aren’t getting the job done, don’t even think about buying new software or enduring another painful implementation. Outsource your problems to us. You provide a copy of the relevant data and we do the rest, using our powerful technology platform and – yes! – our team of on-call data scientists to get it done right.

That’s not all. Algebraix Analytics is the opposite of traditional installations. There are:

  • icon-cash-dolars No upfront costs
  • icon-pen No long-term contracts
  • icon-clock No disruptions to your IT infrastructure.

What if your needs change? Your modest month-to-month contract can be canceled at any time.

Why Is Our Technology So Important?

Algebraix spent five intense years developing a new way to apply advanced mathematics to data management. Put very simply, it proves that data – all data – can be represented algebraically.

Called data algebra, it’s the first universal platform for data. It’s also what powers our patented Algebraix Technology Platform and lets us reduce the cost of analytics.

Why Has This Little Book Caused Such a Big Stir?

For everyone in the world of data, this new book – The Algebra of Data: A Foundation for the Data Economy – is the 101 on this genuine gamechanger. It was co-written by Gary J. Sherman, PhD, the inventor of the algebra of data and founding mathematician of Algebraix Data, and Robin Bloor, PhD, also a mathematician as well as an influential researcher, analyst, and well-known author.

The authors explain, concisely (and often quite entertainingly), why the ongoing effects of the algebra of data will range from helpful to extraordinary. One example: “Data algebra” (its nickname) has already led to an accelerator mechanism that will speed up and reduce the workload of any given database, no matter how fast it already is. Says one . . . ... Show more.

“The world is only beginning to see the possibilities of data algebra. What Algebraix has done with it to date is the tip of the iceberg.”

How quickly will the algebra of data be adopted? Here’s a prediction: “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident.” (Thank philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer for that insight.) Happily, the algebra of data should not have to go through this kind of intellectual baptism. Mathematically, it is indisputable (read the book).

Inevitably software developers and engineers will still debate it – all previous paradigm shifts in software have met with some kind of opposition. But eventually acceptance will occur and the new paradigm will switch to the new reality. Meanwhile, think like Victor Hugo:

“An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come.”



Quick answers to any questions you have about Algebraix, from how we make high-value analytics affordable to where Algebraix is going in the next few years.


Our Experts and Partners Strengthen Your Team

Algebraix’s data scientists + Microsoft Azure’s cloud technology = insight-based decision support

  • Our data-science team will work closely with you.

    By using advanced analytics, they will extract much more useful knowledge from your data than standard business intelligence tools do – so you can use those insights and predictions to increase revenues and gain a huge competitive edge.

  • It’s not just us standing behind our technology.

    We have a formal partnership with Microsoft, particularly its Azure cloud-infrastructure division. Microsoft has made large resources available to strengthen our success, including financing the deployment of Algebraix Technology on the Azure platform and enabling early implementations.

Q&A for the Analytically Unsure

3 questions that answer your questions about business analytics.

Why do you need analytics?
  • You’ll spot new ways to shrink risks, grow revenues, attract customers.
  • You’ll make smarter, data-driven decisions and predictions.
  • When you compete on analytics, you win.
Why outsource analytics?
  • No need to pay for expensive talent or software.
  • No painful disruption of your internal IT.
  • You get high-value analytics without the huge investment.
Why Algebraix Analytics?
  • No upfront fees, no long-term contracts.
  • Great support from our on-call data scientists.
  • Patented Algebraix Technology drives out high costs.

We’re Hiring

You won’t find a better place to work. The Algebraix team is both independent and
collaborative, driven and laid back, whip-smart and funny.

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